This article will assist Renters with registering and tracking attendees for an event using the Attendee Management feature activated on their Approved Reservation request.

Attendee Management is used to register and track attendees on any reservation made through the Facilitron platform.

Please note that Attendee Management will only appear on Approved reservations upon which the administrators have activated this feature. If the administrator has not yet activated the Attendee Management feature, then the widget will show as below on your Reservation Details page:

Once the feature has been activated by an administrator, it will populate a widget containing several links with matching QR codes.

  1. Registration Link: Distribute this link to the expected attendees of your event. This will allow them to pre-register for the event for any of the timeslots in your event. You may also press Upload Attendees to upload an XLS or CSV file to pre-register a group of attendees. A spreadsheet template is available to download when pressing Upload Attendees. 
  2. Same Day Link: This link and QR code is for participants to register on the day of the event, and also serves as self check-in for individuals that have pre-registered. Having this QR code at the event entrance will allow people to register and check in on the spot. 

Your attendees will be asked to enter their email address first.

Next, your attendees will be asked to enter their first and last name, email address, agree to the terms and conditions, and provide a short answer regarding their current health status. Once all information has been entered and submitted, they will receive a confirmation screen.

3. Assisted Check-In Link: For events with a designated point of contact to assist or manage check-ins, this link             will allow the attendant to access a list of pre-registered guests and manage check-ins including walkup                         attendees, waitlists and more. This link will also allow the point of contact to assist attendees in checking out                 when leaving the event.

4. Survey Link (optional): This is a link to take an optional survey. The default survey is a health screening pertaining       to COVID-19, and this can be customized as needed.

Reviewing Registered Attendee Information

Clicking on the list icon next to an event date in the Attendee Management widget will bring up registrant information.

You will be able to see a full list of registrants, waitlisted individuals, contact information and time stamped check-in/check-out. If the registrant has filled out a survey, you will see a check mark in the survey column. Hover your mouse over this check mark to see the responses submitted by the registrant. The full list of registrants and details including survey responses can be easily exported into Excel by clicking the Export button.