This article will assist renters with locating the Terms and Conditions for the district they are submitting a reservation request in, as well as Facilitron’s Terms and Conditions.

Where to Find a District’s Terms and Conditions

You can find the Terms and Conditions for a district by navigating to their Marketplace on the Facilitron website. Type the district’s name into the What kind of space do you need? search field, and click the district’s linked landing page.

Once on the district landing page, scroll down until you reach the blue Learn more about our facility rental policies link, located next to the map of the district’s location.

Clicking this link will bring you to the district’s Terms and Conditions. An example of these is below.

Facilitron’s Terms and Conditions

Please see Facilitron Terms and Conditions to read the Terms and Conditions for using Facilitron. Please note that the Terms and Conditions differ amongst individual districts, while the Facilitron Terms and Conditions are the same, regardless of the district you are looking to rent in. For questions about the Facilitron Terms of Use, please contact Facilitron Support at (800) 272-2962 or email