This article will assist Administrators in locating your school site or district’s Calendar. The calendar can show Approved reservations in solid color boxes, and Pending reservations in dotted color boxes. It can be viewed by Month, Week, and Day, and can be filtered by Organization, Facility, Service, Status, and Type.

Finding the Calendar

After logging in to Facilitron, locate your Dashboard and click Calendar from the navigation bar to the left.

(For additional help on the above please see the support articles relating to Logging In - Administrators and Using the Dashboard - Administrators).

Using the Calendar

From the Calendar you can view and manage Reservations, create Internal Reservations, and depending on your role configuration, create Maintenance Blocks and Notices.

Pending reservations will appear on your calendar in a dotted tile, whereas Approved reservations will appear as a solid color tile.

Please note that the color of the reservation tile corresponds to the Building/Area the reservation is for. The color coding can be viewed from the Facility Type dropdown.

Clicking on a Reservation tile will show a pop-up summary of the reservation, as well as a hyperlink of the Reservation ID. Clicking the hyperlinked Reservation ID will bring you to the Reservation Details page.

Please see the screenshot below with the associated explanation for the numbered items on the screenshot.

  1. Availability Open Through: This will show the date that current availability ends. Clicking the blue hyperlinked date will show the Default availability for the district only.

  2. Organizations: Select the District, or school site(s) whose reservations you would like to display on the calendar.

  3. Facility Type: Select either the Building/Area you would like to filter the calendar for, this will select all facilities within that Building or Area. Alternatively, you may search and filter by individual Facility.

  4. Services: Filter reservations by the Services added to or included on them.

  5. Status: Filter for either Approved or Pending reservations, or both.

  6. Type: Filter for Internal reservations, External reservations, Maintenance Blocks, or a combination of the three.

  7. Save: Save the current filters you have applied to the calendar with a unique name for later use.

  8. View: When you have saved a specific view with a filter, it will show up under the view button. Click the view button and select your filter to open that specific view.

  9. Calendar Dropdown: Here you can switch between the default Calendar view and Agenda view.

    1. The Agenda view provides an itemized sheet that breaks out each event by day, giving details such as the Timeslot, Facility, and if Custodial Staff or other Services are required or not.

    2. Please note that currently only the Agenda view may be printed. See Printing your Calendar for additional information.

  10. + Notice: Depending on your role configuration, you may be able to create a Notice for your school or district. While a notice does not block off availability to any facilities, it will appear on other Administrators' calendars. It may also appear on the External calendar shared to the public, depending on the calendar rules you have set up. Please see Connecting your Google or Apple Calendar for additional information on calendar rules.

  11. + Maintenance Block: Depending on your role configuration, you may be able to create a Maintenance Block for your school or district. Please see Creating Maintenance Blocks for additional information.

  12. + Event: Click this button to begin creating a new Internal Reservation. See Creating an Internal Reservation and Creating An Internal Schedule With Multiple Dates for additional information.

  13. View Details: Clicking this checkbox will expand reservations that include multiple facilities into separate tiles. The default calendar without this checkbox selected will show a single tile reservation with “(+ # more)” indicating how many facilities are included.