Logged in users at facilitron.com, can navigate to the account dashboard (See the support article "Finding The Administrative Dashboard") and then choose "Calendar" from the left sidebar menu.

If you find your calendar but there are no reservations, you must select an item under the Organizations dropdown menu or you must have a facility group selected in the Facilities dropdown menu.

If you do not see any organizations or facilities in the calendar filters, be sure that you are logged in as your organization.  The organization you are logged in as will appear at the top of the page (see below).

To switch accounts, select “Other Organizations” on the left side of the Dashboard and choose your organization. The school name will then appear at the top of your Dashboard. 

NOTE: If your school isn’t in the list of other accounts, then you have not been added to your school and assigned a role. To request access, contact your school administrator or Facilitron customer support. 

If you are at logged in to facilitron.com, you may also go to "Accounts and Dashboard" drop down and select the appropriate organization under "Switch Accounts"