Maintenance Blocks

Maintenance blocks allow administrators to schedule maintenance tasks AND remove availability for facilities WITHOUT affecting utilization data.

Start by logging in and navigating to the Calendar on your Facilitron Dashboard and click the add maintenance icon (maintenance icon).

Dashboard Calendar screenshot with Calendar button circled and maintenance icon pointed out

A pop-up will appear on your screen. Describe the type of maintenance needed, select the school in need of maintenance, and choose at least one facility in which the maintenance will take place.

Maintenance Blocks popup screenshot with arrows indicating main sections and dropdowns

At the bottom of the pop-up you can choose the dates and times of your maintenance block.

Choose a start date and end date. If the maintenance is all day check the “All Day” box.

Maintenance blocks popup screenshot with start and end date circled and all day checkbox pointed out

If you would like to select a specific start time and end time, please uncheck the “All Day” box. Select the start and stop time for your maintenance schedule.

Maintenance blocks popup screenshot with All Day option pointed out

Select the drop-down menu to choose how you would like your given dates to repeat.

You can choose your dates to repeat on a weekly or bi-weekly basis by selecting your preferred days of the week.

Maintenance blocks popup screenshot with repeat drop-down circled

For bi-weekly and weekly options, click the days of the week that you would like to see your maintenance block repeat.

Maintenance blocks popup screenshot with weekly repeat selected and circled and days of the week pointed out

For the “Pick My Dates” option, click your given days on the calendar that you would like your maintenance block take place.

Maintenance blocks popup screenshot with pick my dates dropdown, dates calendar, and Submit button circled

Remember to click the orange “Submit” button when you are finished!