This article will assist Administrators with printing the agenda view of their calendar.

Printing out an agenda of all active reservations is useful for custodial staff so they may have a consolidated schedule of when their services are needed, and where. The agenda view is specifically designed for this purpose.

First navigate to the Calendar page from your Administrative Dashboard (see Finding My School Or District's Calendar for additional assistance). At the top of your Calendar page, you will see multiple drop down filters to apply to your calendar. 

These filters are Organizations and Facility Type (if you are a district administrator), or Facilities (if you are a school site administrator), Services, Status (Pending or Approved), and Type (Internal, External, and Maintenance Block).

Apply any required filters, click the Calendar dropdown in the upper right hand corner, and select Agenda.

The Agenda view will provide you with an itemized sheet that breaks out each event by day. Details such as the Timeslot, School Site, Reservation ID and Event Name, Activity Tag, and any Services, Setup Instructions, and Added Work Orders can be accessed by clicking on an event’s tile. In the far right column the Facility for the reservation will be listed, and if Show Buildings is checked, the building or area that the facility is located in will also be included.

On the top left side of the page, beneath the optional filters, you will see 4 options: Print, PDF, Email, or Excel. Selecting any of these options will generate the shown Agenda View details in the chosen format.

Please note that the Calendar View cannot be printed at this time. If you wish to print the Calendar View of your Calendar page, you may do so by taking a screenshot of the Calendar, then printing it out.