If your role is Final Approver at your organization, you will review a request and and pre-approver preferences and then make a decision on whether the request is approved or declined.

View Pending Requests on Your Dashboard or the Reservations Tab

All of your pending requests can be accessed directly through your Dashboard and serve as a To Do list of reservations that need approval.

Dashboard screenshot with Pending requests widget circled

Pending requests can also be found on the Reservations tab by clicking "Pending" which will show you a list of pending reservations.

Approve or decline a reservation

To approve a reservation, go to that reservation's Reservation Detail page

The Reservation Details page offers a detailed summary of a reservation. You can review the details such as renter organization, dates, facilities requested and more. Once you have made a decision on the request, then click either "Approve" or "Decline" to indicate your preference. 

Dashboard reservation details page with Approve button circled in the reservation section

Once you click Approve, you will be prompted to make a comment to the renter.

Comment prompt screenshot

Once you submit your comment, your reservation will now say approved and will generate a live permit.

Reservation details section screenshot with APPROVED indicator circled