Adding new date or "timeslot" to a reservation

To add a new date or "timeslot" to a reservation, go to the Reservation Details page for the reservation that you want to update.  You can either find the reservation on the calendar or search for the reservation from the Reservations tab. 

Dashboard screenshot showing active reservations with active button and reservation search components circled and found reservation id link pointed out

First, find the "Reservation Timeslots" section on Reservation Details page.

There are 2 options to add dates to a reservation:  + New Timeslot or Replicate

+ New Timeslot should be chosen if you are adding a new date with a different facility/facilities, start/end times, different day of the week or if it has different equipment/services requirements. + New Timeslot allows you to add multiple dates.

Replicate should be chosen if you are adding additional dates for the same facility/facilities, start/end times, same day of week, and same equipment/services. Replicate allows you to add multiple dates.

Adding a new date with + New Timeslot 

Choose + New Timeslot. Then scroll through the calendar to find the date(s) that you would like to add.  Click on the date(s) to select.  

Next, use the drop down menu to select the facility that you would like to add.

Select the start time by clicking in the time display box (see arrow).  You'll then be able to edit the start/end times in the boxes below. 

User Tip: You can add an "activity name" that will be displayed on the reservation timeslot.

Once you have chosen your Start/End times, click "Apply Time & Update Fees". You'll have the option to add additional Configured Services & Equipment or make adjustments to quantity/hours if applicable.

When satisfied with your changes, click "Submit," and the new date will be added to the reservation.

You will now see your new timeslot in the Reservation Timelots section.

Adding a new date with Replicate

First, find the date you wish to copy and click Replicate. 

Note: There's a time slot for every date on the reservation. Select the date you wish to replicate. 

Next, scroll through the calendar and click on the date or dates that you would like to add. The selected dates will populate. If you have selected an incorrect date, go back and click the date again to remove it from the list.

You'll need to choose a Replication Type from the dropdown menu.  

Replicate As Is will copy the same prices, services, and equipment from the original time slot. 

Replicate and Recalculate will reset the reservation to configured pricing in the system. 

Once you have selected the Replication Type, click "Submit," and all changes will be applied to the selected dates and your reservation will be updated.