This article discusses Key Management for Order Administrators and Order Processors, as it relates to Facilitron Works. Key Management is intended as a complete key management system that allows for identifying the specific keys for each lock, the doors they are associated with, and managing the assignment of keys to staff members.

Key Management Overview

The key management page has four sections: Room Locations, Key Inventory, Associate Key to Door and Assign/Edit Keys to Staff.

Room Locations

This section leads to the same page shown in How To Add Missing Buildings and Locations to Works. This can also be accessed via Manage > Places > Locations-Space-Doors-at Property. In the key management context, Room Locations would show the doors associated with each room. Order Processors will not have access to this workflow. 

Below is an example of a building/location/door at Brian Bent Memorial Aquatic Complex.

Key Inventory

This section holds all specific key information like Key Number, Hook Number, Manufacturer, Key Code, Cut and Keyway. You can add keys on an individual basis via Add New or Batch Insert Keys with a downloadable template.

Associate Key to Door

This section links keys to the doors and their associated locks. Please be advised, the system will enable you to track the doors, not individual locks. First, the location inventory should have doors scanned into the system. To associate a key to a door, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Assets > Assets - Conduct Inventory and use the steps outlined in Conducting an Inventory Tour of Assets.
  2. Connect a bluetooth scanner to your mobile device (using a tablet is recommended).
  3. Scan a door’s barcode with a Bluetooth scanner to build up the location inventory with doors.
  4. Once you have doorways scanned into the system, you may associate keys to them by clicking Add New > select a key > select a property that has doorways logged in the system.

    Please see the same key location (below) at Brian Bent Memorial Aquatic Complex on this page as depicted earlier in the Room Locations example.

Assign/Edit Keys

This section allows for the assignment and retrieval of keys for the staff. To assign a key to a staff member, select Assign Key.

On the next page, fill in details about the staff member, name of the key, any notes, and the date assigned. Click Insert.