This section is intended as a complete Key management system allowing for identifying the specific keys with each lock, the doors they are associated with, and managing the assignment of keys to staff members.

The key management page has 4 portions: Room Locations, Key Inventory, Associate Key to Door and Assign/Edit Keys to Staff

  • Room Locations (same as Locations in the earlier portion of this Management Section) in this context would be the doors (and their locks) associated with each room.

  • Key Inventory holds all specific Key information like Key Number, Hook Number, Manufacturer, key Code, Cut, and Keyway

  • Associate Key to Door links keys to the doors and their associated locks. 

  • Assign/Edit Keys to door allows for the assignment and retrieval of keys for the staff.


This is a listing of specific manufacturers of our assets for tracking and warranty purposes.

Vehicle/Generator Fuel Types 

A list of various fuel types that are used by the district’s assets.