This article will assist Administrators in districts that utilize Facilitron Works with understanding the roles that can be assigned to Facilitron Works users, and their features.

There are three different categories of user roles in the system: 

  1. Administrative Users: Order Administrators and Order Processors
  2. BasicUsers: Order Approver, Order Approver All Sites, Order Approver Multiple Sites, Read Only All Sites, Read Only Site Staff, Site Based Plant Manager
  3. Workers: Maintenance Technicians and Contractors

Below we will go through each role and highlight their defining features. 

Facilitron Works User Roles

Administrative Users

Administrative users are users within Facilitron Works that manage the overall work order system, in addition to processing work orders. There are two main types of administrative users:

  1. Order Administrator: This user is a System Administrator for Facilitron Works. They can add new users and locations, assign work orders, update work order status', and make any additional changes. They also have full access to all work orders on the system.
  2. Order Processor: This user is able to receive work orders submitted by school sites, assign staff to do the work, and close the work orders once they’re completed.
  3. Primary Users: Users who create and approvework orders
    1. Order Approver: Approves all submitted work orders for their property and assigns a worker to them. Work orders submitted by Order Approvers are automatically approved at their site.
    2. Order Approver All Sites: Order Approver for all sites. Work Orders submitted by these users are automatically approved at all sites.
    3. Order Approver Multiple Sites: Order Approver access for administrators responsible for approving Work Orders at some(not all) sites (e.g., principals overseeing multiple sites over the summer).
      1. Must be combined with an Approval Grouping to work. Please refer to What are Approval Groupings? for additional information. 
    4. Order Originator: This is the default base access level for users in order to submit work orders on Facilitron Works. Order Originators can only see work orders they have created. These users' work orders typically need to be approved by a higher level site-based Order Approver before the work order moves to Maintenance for processing. 
    5. Read Only All Sites: This is a View Only role. This user has access to the Custom Report Generator, in addition to the Review and Close Work order page at all sites.
    6. Read Only Site Staff: This View Only role has access to the Custom Report Generator and Review & Close Work Order page at their site.
    7. Site Based Plant Manager: This role is tailored to a senior/skilled maintenance worker or custodian who is permanently assigned to a specific school site. This user can manipulate work orders and process them to Maintenance & Operations.
  4. Workers: These are users in Facilitron Works that have work orders assigned to them to be completed.
    1. Maintenance Technician: This role can be assigned work orders and can access their work orders by logging into the Facilitron Works App. They have the ability to add their action taken and costs directly to the work order and then close the work order, placing it into Pending Review status for an Order Processor or Order Administrator to review prior to fully closing the work order. This role also requires a Worker Profile to be created for them to be able to receive work orders. For additional information, please see How to Create a Worker Profile.
    2. Contractors: Contractors are workers that do not have the Maintenance Tech role. This would be someone like a roofer.