Attendee Management is used to register and track attendees on any reservation.

To activate Attendee Management, a reservation must be approved. All updates and changes to reservations must be made prior to activating Attendee Management. Once a reservation has been approved, you can create an event using Attendee Management.

To begin, click the "Create Events" button in the calendar widget.

In the Edit Event window, you may select parameters for capacity limits, surveys or health screenings, and waitlists. Capacity limits allow you to dictate the total number of attendees, as well as the maximum number of people registered in one party (1 requires contact information for every individual, <1 requires contact information for only one individual in that party)

After you have created the event with your parameters, you will now see three links (four if you’ve selected the survey option). Each link will be accompanied with a matching QR code. If you need to edit an event’s parameters, simply click on the pencil icon next to your event.

  • Registration Link: If you are uploading a list of your participants in advance or if you allow people to pre-register
  • Same Day Link: Walk-up registration for participants on the day of the event. Also serves as self check-in for individuals that have pre- registered.
  • Assisted Check-In Link: For hosted events, pre-registered attendees can be checked in by staff
  • Survey Link (optional): The default survey is a health screening pertaining to COVID-19, however this can be customized as needed.

Clicking on the list icon next to your event will bring up registrant information. You will be able to see a full list of registrants, waitlisted individuals, contact information, and time stamped check-in/check-out, which can be easily exported into Excel.