This article will assist Administrators with using Attendee Management on Reservations to register and track attendees.

What is Attendee Management?

Attendee Management is used to register and track attendees on any reservation. Turning Attendee Management on for a reservation will populate a list of links for the event. This link can be provided to renters and attendees ahead of the event, or to any individuals accessing facilities on the day of the event.

Attendee management also includes the ability to include surveys for attendees to answer prior to the event. You can customize the Surveys presented to the individual when they register. After an event has concluded, you can use Attendee Management to review a list of individuals that accessed facilities, see their check in and check out times, survey responses, and contact information.

How to Activate Attendee Management

Begin by navigating to the Reservation Details page for the event you would like to use Attendee Management on. Please note that in order to activate this feature, a reservation must be in Approved status.

All date, timeslot, and facility changes must be applied to the reservation prior to activating Attendee Management. Any changes made to the reservation after this feature has been activated will not be taken into account in the Attendee Management section of the reservation. 

Once the reservation has been Approved, and any necessary changes have been made, you may proceed by clicking Create Events.

A pop-out will then appear for you to customize the settings, such as when attendees for an event may check in, if walk-ins or waitlists are allowed, the maximum attendance for the event, and maximum allowed in a party at a time.

At this point you may also Add Survey Customization, which will allow you to add a custom survey question for your attendees to answer.

Once you have configured the settings for your attendees and determined if a custom question is required, you will need to determine how many events take place per date for the reservation. This means indicating if the reservation is one single event spanning the entire reservation date (such as a concert or art exhibit), or consists of several events throughout the date with different start and end times (such as multiple cooking classes people can choose between).

Be sure to click the Submit button to finalize setting up Attendee Management.

How to Use Attendee Management

After Attendee Management has been activated, you can upload a list of attendees, adjust the settings, add in events, and view attendee information for past events. A list of links will be generated that will allow attendees to register for the event ahead of time, register same day, or use Assisted Check In if you have someone at the event checking people in. The survey link is also included at the bottom. 

You can print out a QR code for these links (for attendees to scan and fill out from their mobile device) and post it at the check in site for your event. This is particularly good for events with a large number of attendees.

  1. Upload Attendees: Here, you may upload an Excel file of attendees for events.
  2. Settings: Make changes to how attendees may check in for events.
  3. Add Events: Here you may add designated events with start and end times within a reservation date. Please note that adding a date or timeslot here that does not exist in the Reservation Timeslots section of the Reservation Details page will not add the date/timeslot to the overall reservation. This means that availability will not be blocked on the calendar, and fees will not be assessed. All reservation changes should be made prior to activating the Attendee Management feature.
  4. List of Attendees, View/Change Settings, and Delete Event
    1. List of Attendees: Choosing the list icon on the far left of this row will populate the registered list of attendees for the designated date, as well as their email address and phone number. It will also show if they completed the survey, their status, and their check in/check out timestamp. You can also export this list as an Excel file.
    2. View/Change Settings: Depending on if the event date is in the past or future, you may choose the eye icon (past) or the edit pencil icon (future) to view or change the settings for the event date.
    3. Delete Event: Click the red X icon to delete an event from the list of events.