A Maintenance Technician is a trades-person.m The role is designed to provide limited access to the workers for the purposes of closing work orders, doing updates to record labor and material costs, and optionally can access the asset inventory, and optionally access the Recurring Work Order menu. 

To set up a maintenance technician, you can associate a worker to a user via the User profile. You can associate more than one worker to a user (i.e. so that you could have a single sign-in user account, e.g. username=Crew2901).


From the manage menu, Manage > People > Users:

1. Select the user profile that is associated with the worker.

2. Set the role to Maintenance Technician.

3. The role setting above causes a new box to appear in the bottom left corner of the screen that says "Workers Associated with this User". Select an employee from the list and click the “Associate Worker” button.