This article will help Order Administrators in Facilitron Works create a Maintenance Technician profile. 

The Maintenance Technician Role

The Maintenance Technician role in Facilitron Works functions as the Worker, such as a Custodian or other service personnel. They can be assigned work orders, and must be assigned a worker profile in order to receive and close work orders. These users also add actions taken and costs to the work order prior to closing.  This can be done through Facilitron Works on the web, or on the Facilitron Works mobile app.

Creating a User Profile

To create a Maintenance Technician profile, you will first need to create a user account in Works From the dashboard, navigate to the User Profiles page by going to Manage > People > Users. This will take you to the page below. Click the blue + Add New in the top right corner of this page. 

Next, you’ll be brought to New user information, where you will fill out the fields below with the user’s basic information. This is likely similar to other profiles you have created in the past. 

If a property is assigned during profile creation, the property selection will default to the property chosen here when the new Maintenance Technician creates a work order. 

Be sure to check Also Add as Worker. Enter 0.00 into the fields below if you are unsure of what the hourly rate or other fields should contain, as these can be changed later. 

If 0.00 or another amount is not entered, the Worker will not appear for selection in other areas of the Works system. For example, if an admin later wants to add costs and labor for this Worker on a work order, the Worker’s name will appear grayed out in the list and the admin will be unable to add costs or labor to this Worker. 

Click the blue Next button below to go to the final page of the User Profile, where you will designate that the new user is a Maintenance Technician. Please see Creating a User’s Worker Profile for changes that can be made later. 

Creating the Account

To finish creating the account, put the user’s organization email address in the User Name field, and create a password (we recommend 12345678) to give to the user with their username to access the account. Please also fill out the Security Question and Answer fields, being sure to pass the Security Answer on to the new user as well. Typically we use What is 3+1? as the question and 4 as the answer or What Color is Grass? as the question and Green as the answer.

Then, to designate this user as a Maintenance Technician, select the Maintenance Technician option in the Role section. 

To finish, select the blue Create User button. You have now created a Maintenance Technician profile!