This article will show administrators how to add single locations and buildings to their Facilitron Works account. Please reach out to your Account Manager to add multiple locations/buildings in bulk.

Adding a Building With No Locations

First, go to Manage > Places > Locations-Space-Doors-at Property.  

Once there, click +Add New Location.

Adding A Location 

To add one or more locations, follow the steps for adding a building (above) again. The only thing that you will do differently is add the name of the new location being created in the Location Description field. This process can be repeated as needed.

Next, select the correct property. Then fill out the Property, Building Description, Location Description and Square Footage fields, and select Insert.

  1. Property: Select the property where the building should be created.
  2. Building Description: Input the name of the building.
  3. Location Description: Input the name of the location. 
  4. Square Footage: If square footage is unknown, adding this is only optional.