These are the various information, categories, and filters that can be added to a work order: 

Budget Accounts 

All things budget codes may be entered and managed here. 

Inspection Standards and Ratings 

For inspections conducted utilizing the system, add inspection ratings here.


Low, Medium, High, Emergency, Summer Project, etc.


Here you can name a project to add multiple work orders to a specific project. A project would be a school modernization where mutable trades and many work orders will be involved in completing a modernization project for a school. By creating a project and attaching all component work orders to that project the progress of the project can be tracked and upon completion reports can be run regarding all things project related. There is another method for creating a project that we will cover when we dissect a work order.


Another category to allow a further refinement on the type of work being done. Example - two work orders involving the trade painter, one would be repainting a wall or classroom where another would be covering graffiti. The purpose for the first might be routine repair and the second graffiti removal. 


Open, received, pending parts, etc. The status of the work order tells you where it is in the process (approved - pending, received by M&O, closed - work is complete)

Work Categories 

Similar to trades but more specific, an additional refinement to narrow the type of work being accomplished by a specific trade. Performance standards can be created utilizing work categories.