This article is for Order Approvers and Order Administrators who have upcoming projects where estimates need to be obtained prior to beginning the project.

Estimate Work Orders

An Estimate is simply a work order someone creates for a scope and cost estimate for the work. This type of work order is typically the first step in any construction project. The work order will have a purpose called Estimate Request (this name can be configured in the system - e.g., “Estimate”, “Req. for Estimate”, etc). The work order status will change (e.g., from “Supplier” to “Pending Proposal”) throughout the processing of the estimate as parts and budgets are pulled together. However, the purpose will always remain as Estimate.

For the purposes of this article let’s use the example of a school site needing an estimate for a small lab to be built in the library.

Set Up

  1. To set a Purpose for use in processing Estimates, navigate to Manage > Web Site Configuration > Purpose.

Click the blue +Add New to create a Purpose called Estimate Request > check the box Is Estimate Only > check the box Display on New WOs for Site-Roles > click Insert to save.

Please note that the Is Estimate Only checkbox removes related work orders from expense/cost reports.

Processing & Estimate Work Flow

  1. In our example of a school site desiring to build a lab in the library, the work order will be submitted with Estimate Request as the Purpose instead of the typical Routine Maintenance by the site’s Order Approver. Below is an image of the Order Approver creating the work order.

  2. The initial status of the work order will default to Approved (by the site), which causes it to appear in the receive screen at Maintenance’s front office. Another default status with the Estimate Request purpose might be Req. Approve/Deny Estimate.

  3. Upon seeing that the newly submitted work order is an Estimate request, the Maintenance office will forward the work order to the appropriate supervisor for the work requested. This can be either (a) In house, or (b)Outside of M&O.

    1. In house: When you conduct estimates in-house, the front office can directly assign the work order to the corresponding supervisor from the receive screen.
      i. The status and worker should be updated by the front office to something appropriate (e.g. status = Req. for Estimate, worker = John Doe).

    2. Outside of M&O: When the estimate supervisor is outside of the immediate M&O department, the front office can forward the work order (via the Forward button) to the relevant supervisor.
      i. The status and worker should be updated by the front office to something appropriate (e.g. status = Pending Supervisor Review, worker = John Doe).

      This setup is typically sufficient for most districts, but for those Property Owners that have more complex estimation processes, please reach out to the Facilitron liaison assigned to your account.