This article shows Workers, Contractors, and Maintenance Technicians how to access their work orders on the Facilitron Works App.

Your Work Orders

First, log in to Facilitron Works. After logging in, the app will default to showing you the My Orders screen.

If you do not see any work orders, or as many as you had expected, you can change the filters by tapping the funnel icon in the top right corner. Include Shared enables you to see all work orders across your trade or work crews. After selecting helpful filter items, click the blue Apply Filter button located towards the bottom of the screen.

From here, click any relevant work order tile to access that work order’s information. You will see the work order number in the bottom right corner of each tile.

Updating Your In-Progress Work Orders In the App

If your district or property owner has opted in for the timer option, you will be able track hours worked. To start tracking your time, tap Start Time

After the desired updates have been made, select the green button to end the time tracking. To log hours worked select the red button to end tracking and restart the timer. If you receive an error message that you must have a rate defined, please reach out to the Order Administrator for your district or property owner to update your labor rates.

There is also an option to add actions taken, photos, and costs as needed. The Photos sections allows you to choose photos from your phone’s photo library, or snap pictures in the field. You can also upload photos of receipts in the Costs section.

By navigating to Costs > Material, you can select pre-loaded inventory items that were used while performing the work and the unit cost will automatically populate. There is also an option to manually change these numbers as needed.

Click Save and update if the work order is not yet finished. Please see Closing Work Orders on the Facilitron Works App to learn how to mark a work order as completed in the app.

Map View

This view shows the locations of all works orders and they can be viewed by priority. If each priority is associated with a color code, you will see those options at the top of the map. Select one of the priorities to see work orders in that category. 

Tapping on a work order location on the map will also generate your preferred map for directions to that location. Click Let’s go there to choose your map.