Recurring Work Orders - Allows lower level users (processors) to create and manage recurring work orders.

Dispatcher Inbox - Adds another step in the assigning process for a work order 

The Dispatcher concept is a workflow style where a System Administrator or Processor uses the Receive Work Order Screen to initially view the incoming work orders and then instead of assigning them to a worker directly, assigns them to a supervisor (i.e. Dispatcher), who then assigns the work orders to his/her staff via the Dispatcher Inbox screen.

By evoking the optional "Add Dispatcher Inbox to Menu" to the user-specific profile, this adds the menu to the user, or if the person's role would normally have a Receive Order Screen, then it replaces the Receive Screen with the Dispatcher Inbox screen. The Dispatcher Inbox screen is essentially a variety of the Receive Work Order Screen.

How it Works:

When the user (e.g. supervisor) signs in, the Dispatcher Inbox will show under the Work Orders menu; the system looks up all work orders assigned to him/her as the Worker.  Additionally, for convenience it will look up worker profiles where the "Reports to" is the Dispatcher and it will display them first in the Worker drop down list.

The Dispatcher then assigns the work orders to his/her staff for completion using the same procedure as the Receive Work Orders process (e.g. assigns work category, assigns workers, clicks “Accept”, prints then clears their print queue).

The Dispatcher is designed for a model where you do not have the actual "worker" also signing into the system but rather the Dispatcher is overseeing the workers (i.e. workers are only associated with one user account).

Budget Pre Approve Work Orders - added functionality for estimate approval and adding and correcting budget codes.

Pre-Approved Hazardous Materials - Added functionality to address Hazardous Materials present in spaces where work orders are requesting work done. Adds an additional approval step for Hazardous Materials. 

Work Order Estimate Final Approval - Adds an additional approval step specifically for site users requesting estimates for work to be done.

Property Key Management - Allows Site based issuance of keys for roles other than System Admin.

Budget Management - Allows lower level users to add and change budget codes.

Contractor and Contractor Types - Allows a non-system admin role to add contractors and contractor types.

Review and Close Work Orders - Used when maintenance techs are adding hours and material costs to their own work orders and closing them pending review. This adds a review and close icon to the user's system menu options.