This is where you add the type of hazardous material and the location of this material. This will allow a warning to generate anytime a work order is created in a location that has Haz Mat. within its confines that may affect the work that needs to be done.

Note: for this Hazardous Material notification to be functional in the system Location drop-downs must be utilized in the system when creating work orders. So a HazMat Listing of all locations must be uploaded into the system for this functionality to be accessed.  

SBCUSD Hazmat approval process:

San Bernardino City Unified School District needed to know when any work order was submitted for anything within a room that has Hazardous Materials present. Their process required that any work order submitted for a space/location known to have any Hazmat present flag the work order with a HAZMAT warning and route directly to a safety office staff member in charge of all HAZMAT for the district. So to do that: 

  1. A spreadsheet was imported that listed all HAZMAT located within any location in the work order system. 
  2. Locations added to the system.
  3. Setting #31a & 31b evoked - (Adds location drop-down list to work orders)
  4. A new status Pending Hazmat Approval added to the system by going to Manage>Work Order Choices, clicking add new and adding the status.
  5. Change setting #44 in system defaults and settings to the newly added status of Pending Hazmat Approval and setting #44b to approved - This causes all new work orders submitted for a location tagged for Hazmat to default to the status Pending Hazmat Approval. 
  6. Under Email Alerts (Manage>Manage Email Alerts>Work Order Change Alerts, add an alert for the designated user or users to receive a notice when the status Pending Hazmat Approval is set for a work order.
  7. Under the user account of the designated Hazmat user add the submenu of “Add Pre-Approved Hazardous Materials Work Orders to Menu.” 
  8. Hazmat Approver will receive and must approve all Hazmat work orders placing them in the status of Approved which populates the receive inbox. 
  9. Hazmat approvers also can add pre-written comments from a drop-down or add any comments on the fly which will display, along with the warning on the printed work order. These comments are found under Manage>Hazardous Materials>Hazmat comments.