This article reviews how to add users to Works, both as administrators and as workers. Use the links below to jump to a specific section.

Searching for an Existing User

After logging in, go to Manage > People > Users.

A list of all of the users in your Facilitron Works instance will appear. It’s good practice to first search for a specific user to ensure they don’t already exist in the system. You can use the Filter Criteria section to narrow down your results by username (email address), first and last name, or property. Be sure you have both Show All Users and Show Inactive Users selected, to show any potentially inactive or archived user profiles.

Please note that if you attempt to create a User Profile for an email that is already associated with an existing user, you will be unable to proceed. To activate an inactive user, instead of creating a new profile, please see the section Updating a User who is Already in the System below.

Creating an Account for a New User

  1. If you have established that your user does not already exist, click the Add New User button in the top right corner, seen in the screenshot above.
  2. In the first screen enter the users information. Required fields are:
  • First & Last Name
  • Property
  • State

You can enter additional information as you prefer, but the user may also do this later on their user profile. If this user is a Worker (i.e., you need to assign work orders to them), please make sure to check the Also Add as a Worker check box. Enter in their hourly rates (or enter $0 if you do not have the information, as this can be changed later).

Once you’ve filled out the user's information, click Next.

3. Next, you will be asked a few profile setup questions to Create Your Account.

  1. UserName: Your school email address or Lawson ID
  2. Password: Add a temporary password like 12345678. The new user will be sent a link to create/reset their own password once the account has been created. 
  3. ConfirmPassword: Retype the password
  4. Email: Retype your school email address or Lawson ID
  5. SecurityQuestion: What color is grass?
  6. SecurityAnswer: Green
  7. Role: The default role for most new works users in a district is OrderOriginator. This role allows users to submit work orders, and view work orders that only they have created. If a different role is required, you may choose so here. For additional information on roles, please see What are the Roles in the System and What do They do?

Finally, click Create User. The new user’s next step will be to go to to log in for the first time. 

Linking Existing Works Users to Facilitron Scheduling and Reservations (S&R)

Some users may exist on Works but not on S&R - in this case, they can be found by checking the “Show All Users” checkbox in the Filter Criteria section before you filter. These users will need to be linked to Facilitron S&R. You will be able to determine that a user is unlinked because they will only show when selecting Show All Users.

In addition, when you click on their email address from the user list and open up their User Profile page, you will see their Facilitron Username is blank, and that they will not have a Facilitron Username.

To link a user to Facilitron S&R, open their User Profile page and select Edit.

A link will appear in the Facilitron User Name box, asking if you would like to add the user’s email as a Facilitron User. Click this link to sync the Works and Facilitron S&R accounts.

After doing so, select Update. The user should then be able to access Facilitron Works.

Updating a User who is Already in the System:

  1. From the menu, go to Manage > People > Users
  2. Type the username or email in the search function and hit Apply Filter.
  3. From there, click on the user’s email to to open the User Profile page for that user. 
  4. At the bottom of the page, click Edit. From here, you will be able to change their role, site, name, etc. If the user has been inactivated, and still needs to access the system, you may re-activate them by unchecking the Inactive box, and checking the Approved box.

      5. Click the Update link to update the users profile.