This article will assist renters within a Renter Organization with adding additional users to their organization on Facilitron. If the organization does not currently exist, please see Account Types for Renters and Signing Up and Creating a Renter Organization first.

Adding additional users to your organization’s account will allow them full access to your account, including submitting requests for your organization, requesting changes to current reservations, making payments, and uploading insurance. 

  • Please note that a user cannot join your Renter Organization by creating their account and naming it with the same name as your existing organization. Only you, or Facilitron Support, can add new users to your organization.

Adding a User to Your Organization

  1. After logging in to your Facilitron account, navigate to the Users tab from the Setup dropdown in the left hand navigation bar from your Renter Dashboard. For assistance with locating your organization’s Renter Dashboard please see Using the Dashboard - Renters.
  2. If there is a user in your organization who you would like to Remove or Edit you may do so by clicking the red X to remove, or the pencil icon to edit.
  3. To add a new user to your organization, click on Add New User. A pop-out will appear where you may enter the new user’s information.

Before adding a new user to your renter organization, you may opt for them to receive additional notifications for the renter organization. The amount and types of notifications you can choose for them to receive are as follows:

  1. None: This is the default notifications option. This means that the user will only receive notifications related to reservations for which they are the designated contact person, or if they are manually tagged in a comment by an administrator or Facilitron staff.
  2. Receive Invoices: In addition to the notifications mentioned above, a user with this additional option configured will receive all automated invoices sent for reservations in the organization. Please note that if a manual invoice is sent by an administrator or Facilitron staff, and this user is not selected as an additional recipient, they will not receive the invoice.
  3. Receive Invoices & Outgoing Request Notifications: In addition to the notifications mentioned in both bullet points above, a user with this additional configuration will also receive an email notification for every new reservation submitted by a user in this organization. 

Please note that this setting does not send email notifications to the user for any changes made to reservations for which they are not the designated contact person.

Once you have filled in the required information and determined if any additional notifications should be sent to the new user, click Submit to complete the process. 

The new user will be notified by email that they have been added to your organization, and will be prompted to create a password to access the account. If they do not receive the email in their inbox, please have them check their junk/spam mailbox folder.

Please note that if the user already has an individual account, the user will receive an email that informs them that a new role has been created for them within your organization.