This article guides Order Administrators in how to use Facilitron Works to assign work orders to workers at specific sites. For general information regarding work orders, please see How To Create a Work Order and Understanding the Components of a Work Order.

Optimizing Site-Based Worker Assignments

Districts often assign site-based workers to specific Properties or sites for the completion of lower priority or routine tasks that do not require involvement from M&O. This can allow for a more efficient delegation of the maintenance process, while still being able to track the progress of each work order. 

One use case for this process is to assign approvers for site improvement requests. This is used by a small number of districts to notify a site approver that a site improvement request has been processed and is ready for site approval to allow work to be completed.

In order to assign a site-based worker to a property, the worker must have a worker profile configured first. The best practice is to not name the individual, but rather have a generic worker named “Property Site Name” [first name], “Worker” [last name]. This way, there is no need to move work orders to another person when workers move, leave, or change positions. If you find that you need to add a worker profile for the worker you are trying to assign, please see Creating a User’s Worker Profile

Assigning Site-Based Workers to a Specific Property

Your Facilitron account manager can help you setup the the workflow for a site-based worker based on the needs of your district or property. Please reach out to them to start this process. Once the correct settings are configured, go to Mange > People > Assign Site-Based Worker to Property

Following this path will lead you to the Assign Site-Based Worker to Property page. On this page, you can see any existing assignments in your district. These will show the worker’s name and the property to which they are assigned. Click the blue + Add New button in the top right of the screen to create a new Site-Based Worker Assignment.

This will bring you to the following page, where you can select a property/site in your district and the worker you would like to assign to it. 

  1. Click the Property dropdown to select the site.
  2. Click the Worker dropdown to select the worker you would like assigned to the site.
  3. Click the Insert button to submit the new site-based worker assignment.

Creating Site-Based Work Orders for Approvers and Originators

Upon clicking the New Work Order button on your Facilitron Works dashboard, the following page will appear. This is where you can fill out information pertinent to your work order, such as the Property (i.e. site or school), Location (i.e. room or building), and Description of the work you are requesting. The More Details section will show the type of maintenance being performed and the worker assigned to the site. 

After selecting the Property and Location and filling out the description of work required, scroll down and click the blue Create Work Order button at the bottom of the screen to submit the work order. You will now be able to view the Current Status of the submitted work order and the Assigned Worker to the respective site.