This article will assist Administrators with creating a Work Order in Facilitron Works.

Before you can create a new work order, you must first be able to access the Facilitron Works platform by logging in at, or by clicking the Facilitron Works icon while logged into your administrator account on the Scheduling and Reservations (S+R) platform.

If you are not an existing user on Facilitron Works, please reach out to your school site or district administrators to be added as a user, or reach out to Facilitron Support for additional assistance at (800) 272-2962 or email us at

Creating a Work Order

Once you have navigated to Facilitron Works, you may create a new work order by clicking New Work Order from the left hand navigation bar, or by clicking the Work Orders dropdown at the top of the page and selecting New.

Based on the role you are assigned within your district, your New Work Order Form may have some or all of the fields below, or additional fields not pictured. Please continue reading for a brief summary of each field.

  1. Property:If you have been assigned a property within your district, you may be unable to change this field. The Property field will display your currently assigned property.
    1. A Property is a separate location within the Facility Owner organization. Typically these would be schools or district subsidiary facilities such as Head Start, District Office, Food Services, etc.
  2. Location: The Location of a work order should be the classroom, gym, multi purpose room, restroom, etc. where the order should be addressed. 
  3. Add Location: If the Location at the specified Property does not yet exist, you may click the [ + ] icon to create the location when creating the work order. A pop-up will appear for you to include the Building and Location description. Click Create to proceed.
  4. Description: Describe the issue that requires attention.
  5. Add Files: Here you may add images or other files that further support the description of the issue.
  6. Purpose: The options included in this dropdown are set by your district. Choosing the most accurate purpose will ensure that your work order is routed to the correct department or individual, ensuring that your work order is addressed as quickly as possible. Examples of a Purpose may be Emergency Repair, Routine Repair, or Site Funded Request.
  7. Needed By: If the issue is time sensitive, you may include a Needed By date.

    Additional fields that may populate depending on your role or district permissions include:

    Copy: Add additional users or email addresses 

    Priority: Based on your role configuration, you may not be able to change the default Priority of a work order. The Priority helps ensure that your work order is routed to the correct department or individual, in turn ensuring your work order is addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Trade: The Trade is the broadest category for the type of work being done, which can further be refined by the Work Category. For example, if the Trade is Electrician, then the Work Category may be Install or Repair Electrical.

    Work Category: The Work Category further defines what the selected Trade may be. Choosing the most accurate Trade and Work Category will ensure that your work order is routed to the correct department or individual.

    Site Based Worker: When this option is present, you may choose a specific custodian or worker at your site to complete the work order.

    Once all required fields have been filled in, proceed in submitting the work order by clicking Create work order.