This article guides administrators to create Worker profiles in the Works system.

Creating the Worker Profile

Here we will go through the process of creating a worker profile. Please navigate to Manage > People > Workers to begin, as shown below:

Next, add any relevant details to the worker's profile. The User Name drop down list allows you to select the user profile associated with the worker if they are already in the system.

Add the worker’s email  in the Email Address section below to ensure the worker receives notifications when work orders are assigned. Then, scroll to bottom and click Insert.

Adding Labor Rates to New or Existing Workers

Adding Labor Rates in Facilitron Works is simple, allowing you to accurately track labor, wrench time and costs in a few simple steps.

To add Labor Rates, go to Manage > People > Worker Hourly Labor Rates. 

Click Add New > add newly created worker profile > add rates or $0 if district doesn’t have a rate. Remember that the rate can be changed later if you are not sure what it should be upon creation.

Adding a Worker Profile to a New User

You can associate a worker profile with a user at profile creation. First, assign the user to the Maintenance Technician role (this is the only role to which a worker profile can be added). Then from the drop down, select the worker profile associated with the user and click Associate Worker

You may also disassociate the worker profile at any time. If a worker were to leave the district, disassociating the worker from the role would remove the user’s connection to current and future work orders.

If a role with higher access than Maintenance Technician is desired, update the System-Wide Role to the desired role after associating the worker profile. After doing so, the user can find their assigned work orders on the Active screen simply by filtering for their name. Or, the user can be given the dispatcher inbox setting on the user’s profile as seen in the image below.

Creating a Worker Profile for Other Roles

If an existing user needs to have a worker profile associated with their account whose role is not Maintenance Technician, a worker profile needs to be created. To do this, first navigate to Manage > People > Workers. Next, click the blue Add New button and fill in the required fields.

  1. Then, go to Manage > People > Worker Hourly Labor Rates. Click Add New > add newly created worker profile > add rates or $0 if district doesn’t have a rate. 

Go to Manage > People > Users. Look up the user and switch them from their current role to Maintenance Technician. Next, Associate to worker profile by clicking Associate Worker. Finally, switch the user back to previous role, and click Update.