Like similar reports offered by other work order systems, this feature allows reports to be configured by the user district. There are several search filters that can be used such as Date Range (either by date created or date closed), Area/Subject, Action Taken, Property, Purpose, Project, Trade, Description, Worker Assigned, Priority, Category, and Status.

  • Report parameters once set may be saved into a (named) PDF report and scheduled to be delivered automatically, on a regular basis, to designated recipients. 

  • Go to Reports>Custom Report Generator, select your date range. 

  • Determine whether you are basing the report on Work Order received date or closed date. 

  • Set all your filters. Once your report is set up, click save report. 

  • This will ask you to save as with a drop-down.  

  • If this is a new report select ‘new search filter’ which will allow you to name the report. 

  • Once the report is named go to Schedule Report, click add a New Scheduled Report. 

  • Select the frequency and the recipient of the report.

  • This report will generate as scheduled and be emailed to you. You will also be able to select different recipients for this report.

Note: All Custom Report Output can be exported in Excel, PDF, and Word files.