This article is for Order Administrators and Order Processors who need to create reports of a different scope than the pre-set reports in Facilitron Works.

Like similar reports offered by other work order systems, this feature allows reports to be configured by the Property Owner. There are several search filters that can be used, such as Date Range (either by date created or date closed), Action Taken, Property, Purpose, Project, Trade, Description, Worker Assigned, Priority, Category and Status. To access, go to Reports > Custom Report Generator and select your date range. 

Scheduling a Custom Report

Once set, report parameters may be saved into a (named) PDF report and scheduled to be regularly delivered to assigned recipients. 

Saving the Report Filter:

  1. In the Filter Criteria section, determine whether you are basing the report on the work order’s received date or closed date.
  2. Set all your filters. Then, click the blue Apply Filter button, then the blue Save Report button.
  3. Clicking this will ask you to Save As, and display a dropdown.
  4. If this is a new report, select New Search Filter. This will allow you to name the report.

  5. After naming the report, go to the green Schedule Report button. Click the blue Add a New Scheduled Report button on the next page.

  6. Select the filter you just saved, the frequency and the recipient of the report.
    The report will generate as scheduled and be emailed to you. You will also be able to select other recipients for this report.