1. Order Originator creates a work order. → Status Submitted - This status causes the work order to display in an approver’s inbox for that property

2. Order Approver reviews work order and approves. → Status Approved - This status causes the work order to populate the receive screen.

Note: approvers submitting work orders are automatically set to approved.

3. Order Processor or Admin goes to the Receive screen and ‘receives’ work orders into M&O. During the receive process, work orders can be assigned to workers with the correct priority, purpose, and work category set. Once all that is done the receive button is clicked. Status Received - This status indicates maintenance has taken possession of the work order.

4. Manual distribution of Work OrdersWhen the receive button is clicked, the just ‘received’ work order populates a print queue. At a convenient stopping point the print command is executed from the print queue and all received work orders are printed for distribution. Print queue is cleared for the next day. 

A worker does the work and documents the hours, costs and action taken manually onto the paper work order and then turns it in for processing. 

The processor/admin then takes the paper work order and enters the data to the work order itself and closes.

5. Electronic distribution of work orders to workersWhen a work order is assigned to a worker and the receive button is clicked that work order populates an incoming open work order menu available to the worker. An email is also generated to the worker informing them of the assignment. 

Worker receives work orders assigned to him or her by going to their Incoming/Open work order menu, opens the specific work order, enters the action taken, labor, and material costs, electronically into the work order itself and then clicks closed. Status Closed Pending Review - This status populates the Review and Close sub menu

Admin/Processor goes to the sub menu ‘review and close’ and reviews each tech closed work order and then fully closes the work order. 

Submitted → Approved → Assigned to Dispatcher → Received → Received

[e.g.: Teacher → Principal → M&O Front Office → Dispatcher assigns to Worker]