Facilitron Scheduling & Reservations (S&R) and Facilitron Works offer a seamless integration to allow for the automatic generation and update of work orders in real time, with Rule-Based Reservation Work Orders.

Rule-Based Reservation Work Orders are work orders that can be automatically created based on rules set up in the system and then change in real-time along with changes to a reservation event's details.

Work orders are linked in the reservation details and update in real-time to reflect description, status and assignment.

Automatically connecting events to the required support and service needs for an event, allows users to increase operational efficiency while removing a significant point of failure often caused by duplicate entry and lack of communication. Rule-Based Reservations Work Orders avoids these failures with real-time status updates and notifications to relevant users when an important change has occurred.

Creating Rules to Trigger Work Orders

The integration, between Facilitron S&R (Scheduling & Reservations system) and Facilitron Works (work orders & maintenance system), allows for work orders to be created whenever an event is approved. These automatically created work orders are based on parameters such as event type, facility type or specific facility, including required lead time. There are no limits to the number of rules administrators can create.

Work Orders and Events are Linked and Update in Real-Time

Event administrators see the work orders associated with an event in the scheduling system along with a summary of status and assigned worker and contact information. Meanwhile, maintenance administrators and technicians can see that a work order is associated with an event in the maintenance system including date and time. With the right permissions, maintenance admins can access and view the reservation in the Facilitron S&R system with a click and facility use administrators can access and view a work order in the Facilitron Works system.

This diagram shows the workflow when an event is approved and work order created, and when there's a change to an event.

New "Changed" Status Notifies M&O About Any Change to a Reservation

Because event and work orders are linked, now if an event on the reservation system changes—for example if there is a change to the date and time of the event, setup instructions change or even if additional facilities are added or removed—the work order automatically changes taking on a new status. This new status, called "Changed," sends notifications to stakeholders about the update so support modifications can be made. Updates and notifications occur and are reflected in real-time.


Work Order rules are extremely robust and flexible, adaptable to many work order and service scenarios and can be setup by the Facilitron team for your District. Rules can be created for a certain service such as custodial, or HVAC, or even simply “miscellaneous. They can automatically be assigned to a purpose and trade. Rule based work orders can be configured by:

  • All sites or specific school site(s)
  • Particular facility or facility type
  • Internal, External reservations and/or Maintenance Blocks

You can set a lead time of up to 30 days prior to the start of the event for the Work Order to be generated. A nightly job runs to automatically generate the associated work orders based on the event schedule. If the event is updated at any point, the associated work order will be updated with a status of “Changed” and the change is clearly indicated in the description or the work order.