This article shows Workers, Contractors, and Maintenance Technicians how to close work orders on the Facilitron Works mobile app.

Accessing the Work Order

First, access work orders that have been assigned to you by logging into the Facilitron Works app. Select the work order you would like to view.

Updating the Work Order

a. As you scroll down the work order, you will see that you can add action notes. You may leave a detailed description of any work done here. This is important for documentation purposes.

b. Add hours by selecting the View or add costs button.

c. Then, on the screen that opens, click Add Labor to add time spent on the work order. You can add photos of receipts in this section as well.

Completing the Work Order

Once the work has been completed and actions/time have been logged, go back to the work order by selecting Work Order in the top left of the screen. Then, select Close work order to close the work order and complete the process.