This article will help Facilitron Works users search for a work order that has already been created.

The Work Order Number

Each work order is assigned a unique number for easy reference and identification. The full work order number will include the fiscal year, like FY23-24-07450. In order to find a specific work order, you must have the last 5 digits of the work order number, such as 07450.

To search for a work order, first locate the search bar that says Enter work order # at the top right of your screen. Enter the work order number here, and press enter. 

You will be taken to the work order associated with the work order number searched. An example is below. 

Advanced Filtering

You may also use the Advanced Search page to search for a work order. To do this, go to Work Orders > Search. Upon clicking Search, you will be taken to the Advanced Search page. Please note that this page will have some variances due to the different roles in Facilitron Works. The following image shows what the Advanced Search screen looks like for Maintenance Technicians. 

The Advanced Search screen will look a little different for users with the Order Originator and Order Approver role. Order Processors and Order Administrators will see something similar to the following screen, however with additional options as fits their roles. 

Site Based Plant Managers will have a different view of this page as well:

Searching on the Facilitron Works App

To Search for a Work Order on the Facilitron Works app:

  1. Click the Filter icon at the top right
  2. On the pop up screen, enter the Work Order number in the top field.
  3. Tap the screen to reveal the Apply Filter button to search for your specific work order.
  4. Click the “Remember Filter” check box to save your specific search filter.

In addition to work order number, you can also search by specific worker, property and status