What information Maintenance needs to process a work order at its most basic level is where and what the problem is. 

  • To create a new work order, click “New” in the left sidebar or scroll your mouse over the drop-down menu labeled “Work Orders” and click “New.”

  • If the user is assigned a property it will default to that property. If you have multi-site access you can set your property. 

  • Select the location of your issue by selecting either from the drop-down list of locations 

or by typing it in the location box. This is dependent on how the district is set up.

  • If you are using the drop-down list you can add a location on the fly by clicking the blue plus button. Once you have added a new location it will be available from the drop-down from now on.

  • In the description section, describe the issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Click “Create.” 

  • This creates a work order with the default priority of medium and purpose of routine repair and maintenance.

Note: if you have a higher priority issue than routine, call maintenance for them to change the priority for this specific work order.

Attaching a document or photo: Once the work order has been created, a success page displays with the work order number. You can add a picture or a document to the work order from this screen by clicking on “Browse” under files for this work order. That will search your computer for a file to upload to this specific work order. Select the file and then click upload file.