First time Work Order Management System users need to 'sync' their Facility Management account with the Work Order system. Follow the directions below. If you already have a Facilitron account and know your password, you can skip to Step 2.

1. Creating a Login to Facilitron

Set your Facilitron password (if you already know your Facilitron password, skip to Step 2).

a. Go to and click “Log In” at top right.

b. Click “Forgot Password?” and enter your email and follow steps to Reset Password.

2. Syncing facility management and work order accounts

a. Be sure you’re signed out of Facilitron completely.

b. Navigate to

c. When prompted, enter your username: [school district email address]

d. When prompted, enter two passwords: 

i. Your Facilitron Password: [enter the password you originally created for the Facilities Management platform]

ii. Temporary Login Logix Password: 12345678

Once you are logged into the work order system, your account is now synced between the two systems. You will see the "Jump" button on the left-hand menu moving forward. This takes you to the Facilities Management platform from the Work Order system.

Moving forward, you will be able to use your Facilitron password to log in to either side of the system.

For additional help, contact (800) 272-2962