This article shows Workers, Contractors, and Maintenance Technicians how to submit work orders on the Facilitron Works App.

Submitting a Work Order on Your Behalf

  1. To get started, click the blue + button at the bottom of the app screen.

    2. In the Work Info section, fill out the required fields marked with *.

    1: Select the property where the work needs to be done.

    2: Select the location or type in the name of the location.

    3: Write a description of the issue or work that needs to be done.

3. Select the Received status in the drop down list to indicate that the work order belongs to you.

4. In the Work Details section, select the required priority and purpose, as applicable.

Priority: Based on your role configuration, you may not be able to change the default Priority of a work order. The Priority helps ensure that your work order is routed to the correct department or individual, in turn ensuring your work order is addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Purpose: The options included in this dropdown are set by your district. Choosing the most accurate purpose will ensure that your work order is routed to the correct department or individual, ensuring that your work order is addressed as quickly as possible. Examples of a Purpose may be Emergency Repair, Routine Repair, or Site Funded Request.

Trade: The Trade is the broadest category for the type of work being done, which can further be refined by the Work Category. For example, if the Trade is Electrician, then the Work Category may be Install or Repair Electrical.

Work Category: The Work Category further defines what the selected Trade may be. Choosing the most accurate Trade and Work Category will ensure that your work order is routed to the correct department or individual.

5. In Date & Time and Photos section, add dates to the specified fields and any photos of the area that requires a work order. The dates selected here will influence work order reporting.

Reassigning a Work Order to Someone Else

Some districts and property owners do not allow work orders to be reassigned to another worker in the Works app or in the desktop version. If this is the case and a work order needs to be assigned to someone else, please use the following steps:

  1. Follow all steps previously listed for submitting a work order except  for #3 - select the Approved status instead. The Approved status will route the work order to an employee who will re-assign the work order ticket.
  2. Tap Create Work Order
  3. The work order will appear in your Incoming screen until it is assigned. To remove work orders from your incoming screen that will be re-assigned, tap the funnel icon in the top righthand corner, select Statuses, and de-select Approved. Selecting Received and In Progress in the filters ensures that only your assigned work orders appear on the incoming screen.

If you are able to re-assign the worker, be sure the work order’s status is set to Received after selecting the new worker.