This article shows Workers and Maintenance Techs how log in to the Facilitron Works app.

Logging In To Facilitron Works

If you don’t have the Facilitron Works app, you can download it from the Apple store, or from the Google Play store here.

First, log in with your usual username and password used when signing in to the Facilitron Works desktop application (

Logging In with Single Sign On (SSO)

First, access Facilitron Works on your desktop using the retrieve log in code. Next, click on the person symbol at the top right.

Now, select Log in to Mobile App. Do not close the screen that pops up as you open Facilitron Works on your mobile device.

Open the Works App and select Log in with Code/ SSO Login.

Next, enter the code from the screen in instruction 1b, or scan the QR code as directed.

If you are unable to log in, please contact Facilitron Support by calling (800) 272-2962, or emailing We’re happy to assist!