Email Alerts:

Email Alerts are system generated emails to designated users for a specific purpose.

Stagnant Work Order Alert 

This is an email notification to let designated recipients know whenever a work order passes a particular aging threshold without being closed. This can be set to notify various levels of supervisory staff when work orders are “aging” past a reasonable time. To allow a departmental refocus of resources to address the aging work orders. This report will generate on a regular basis according to how it is configured.

Work Order Origination Alert 

This is an alert that generates anytime a new work order for a specific property is created.

Work Order Change Alert 

This will send an email alert anytime a specific change is made to a work order, such as being set to high priority or emergency, status of pending hazmat approval is set etc.

New Work Order Assigned to Worker Alerts 

This is to notify a worker if he or she is assigned to a work order after being received by M&O.

Low Consumable Inventory Alert 

This can notify district warehouse staff to restock when consumable inventory is getting low.