Creating a recurring work order is broken into 2 steps. Step 1 is creating an inspection profile which details the inspection task area and step 2 is assigning that profile to a site. 

1. Creating the inspection profile: From the menu: Work Orders > Recurring Work Orders > Add/Edit Inspection Profile

  • 1. Click the link button titled “Add New.” 

  • 2. Fill in the blanks on the form and click the button “Save Profile and Add Tasks.” 

  • 3. In the Inspection Detail area click the link button “Add New Task.“

2. Assigning recurring orders to sites/properties: From the menu: Work Orders > Recurring Work Orders > Schedule/Create Recurring Work Orders

  • 1. In section 1 of the screen choose an inspection profile from the drop-down list. If you would like it to show on the calendar at a specific time, then enter a time (e.g. 7:00 am/pm). 

  • 2. Check the box next to each property for which work orders should be created. 

  • 3. Select a starting/ending date range. Best practice is to create these just for a couple of years at a time in case the inspection process changes over time. 

  • 4. Lastly, hit the “Add/Create” button. 

Note: The system is going to show you a list of the work orders created. Uniquely you can roll back (or undo) the creation of these exclusively at this unique time of creation. Afterward, you can delete recurring work orders one-at-a-time, but this is your one-time opportunity to undo the creation process if you notice you made any typos or decide to refine the profile to be more detailed or such.