This article will assist Administrators whose district utilizes Single Sign On (SSO) for accessing the Facilitron platform.

How to Log In if Your District Uses Single Sign On (SSO)

If your school uses Single Sign On (SSO) to log in, you will not be able to log in directly at with an email address and password. To access Facilitron, you will first need to navigate to the Single Sign On dashboard that your district utilizes (such as Clever) and click on the Facilitron icon.

If your district utilizes SSO via Google and you are encountering trouble accessing Facilitron, please confirm that you are using Google Chrome or Firefox and that your pop-up blocker is OFF/DISABLED (you will need to allow pop-ups). When you try to sign on, it will give you a pop-up with your Google/Gmail accounts. You will need to select your school account and use the same password as your email account.

How to Reset Your Password, or Forgotten Passwords

Please note that if you have forgotten or need to reset your password for SSO, you will need to contact your school or district administrator or IT department. Facilitron does not manage SSO passwords and will not be able to assist you with resetting your password.

How to Allow Pop-Ups on Chrome

  1. Navigate to Chrome preferences.
  2. Click Show advanced settings.
  3. In the Privacy section click the Content settings (depending on your browser version this may say Sitesettings).
  4. In the Pop-ups section, click Manageexceptions.
  5. Be sure to add to your list of allowed sites.

How to Allow Pop-Ups on Firefox

  1. Navigate to Firefox preferences.
  2. Click Privacy & Security.
  3. Under the Permissions section, click Exceptions.
  4. Be sure to add to your list of allowed sites.

How to Allow Pop-Ups on Edge

Navigate to Edge preferences.

Click Cookies and Site Permissions.

Click Pop-ups and redirects.

Be sure to add to your list of allowed sites.


For additional troubleshooting assistance regarding SSO, please see Troubleshooting for Single Sign On (SSO) Districts.