Refund requests are collected and disbursed via the following form: Refund Request Form. We intend to process new refund requests within 10 business days. For updates on the status of a refund submitted via form 10 or more business days prior, please call 800-272-2962 for assistance.

If you are requesting a refund via a physical Check, please provide the following information:

1. Name that the check should be made payable to            
2. First & Last Name of the person requesting the refund

3. Where the check should be mailed:   Address / City / State / Zip

4. Phone number of the person requesting the refund

5. Email address of the person requesting the refund

If your request has been declined and you've made a payment with an e-check, credit card or paypal, you may go to the Reservation Details Page to initiate an automated refund via the Request Refund button. Please refer to this support article for details: Declined Requests