To receive a refund, a reservation must first be canceled and then have a request for refund submitted.

To submit a request for a refund, email

Please include the following information:

Subject Line: Refund Request
Your reservation id#
The reason for request
Date(s) affected

If you prefer a refund to original form of payment, please complete the Application for Refund form.

Please note that due to interruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not able to provide a timeframe for receipt at this moment. Due to the number of requests, refunds will be processed in order of receipt based on the date of the initial request.

Credited amounts eligible for refund will continue to appear as a credit in your account or on your reservation until the refund is completed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Facilitron will announce facility reopenings and notify users with suspended reservations and/or credits as soon as announcements by the districts are made. Users may contact customer support to reschedule events.


Until we determine the exact date for reinstating school facilities on a district by district basis, we are unable to provide a cohesive plan for rescheduling and/or other compensatory measures for missed events. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Please note that this policy/terms/conditions are subject to change/liable to change at any time at Facilitron’s discretion.