How to make reservation requests during school hours

The community-facing rental site limits what is available to the public to the prescribed dates, times and facilities that the facility owner organization (school or district) has chosen to make available to the public. Therefore, at most K12 schools, time slots during the school day are not available. Teachers attempting to schedule a school facility during school hours will not be able to configure the request correctly if they go through the community-facing rental site.

Scheduling requests for events occurring during school hours must be created as an “Internal” reservation. Internal events cannot be created from the school or district’s community-facing rental site (featuring search results, pictures and descriptions, etc.). Internal requests can only be made from the administrative Dashboard Calendar.

From the Calendar on the administrative backend, select “+Event” from the top right above the calendar to access the Create Internal Schedule window. For general notices not associated with a particular facility (i.e. “Spring Break”), select “+Notice”

Events calendar screenshot with + Event link circled

Create schedule popup screenshot

To get more information about creating Internal Requests, see the support article "Creating An Internal Reservation."